///M Invasion | Charlotte

(Org. published by Olivia Carmen on March 23, 2016 on NinerTimes)

Early in the morning on February 27th just miles from downtown Charlotte, the sounds of roaring engines echoed throughout the city, calling all BMW ///M enthusiasts to rendezvous at GMP Performance for the aptly named ///M Invasion. BMWs of all kinds poured into the meet throughout the day, from the classic E30 M3 all the way to the ferocious F82 M4. With BMW’s centenary just down the road on March 7th, 2016, it’s no wonder that enthusiasts worked hard to organize this outstanding family reunion–one that you actually want to go to.

It was a candy-colored display of alluring beauty, exceptional performance, and inspiring modifications, both minute and drastic. As you can see on this eye-catching F80 M3, the driver has installed the symbolic ///M colors within the side of each headlight to accentuate its striking stare.

F80 M3 detail.jpg
F80 M3

This titillating E30 M3 has been designed to emulate the looks and power of a racecar.

E30 M3.jpg
E30 M3
And finally, this E36 M3 dawns the mesmerizing techno violet that you run the risk of gluing your eyes to permanently if you fixate for too long.

E36 M3 techno violet.jpg
E36 M3
In the parking lot across the way from the main event, dozens of other models were on display, including an overflow of ///Ms and other models like this German racing silver 3 series that has been modified with the DINAN motorsports package. Even though the intention of this meet was to attract ///M drivers from all over the east coast, drawing a few from as far as NYC, other makes and models were welcomed, which made for an eclectic mix of passionate drivers partial to German engineering as well as Italian, and British in some cases.

Dinan 3.jpg

Inside the garage at GMP performance, everyone was called to take part in judging the rev contest between several F80 M3s and F82 M4s, shaking the garage with their resonating growls. The rev-off was an exhilarating contest that forced children to plug their ears and enticed every enthusiast to smile uncontrollably as they listened to the song of their people.

Rev-off contest.jpg

Organized by the tireless efforts of several prominent BMW IGers, this event was a free, entertaining experience for anyone who loves cars of European origin. If you want to meet more like-minded people to share your passion for cars with, there are always events like this in Charlotte and surrounding areas. You can find them simply by googling “car shows near me”. While some are free, others require a modest amount of money for a ticket. It is also common for sizeable coffee shops to host events like “Cars and Coffee,” which are typically on weekend mornings and run from 8 to 11.

So here’s my challenge to you: find a car meet for this weekend, grab some friends or your significant other, and join the fellowship of aficionados that creates a bond like no other. You’ll be glad you did. And your car will thank you too.


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