Masterpieces of England Tour 2014

Even though this was written in 2014, the entire piece was lost to me for many years, until July 27, 2017, when I finally found it. Enjoy a glimpse into the trip of a lifetime; a tour of England.

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Why I Love Joe Tea

****Before I delve into this piece, I want to fully disclose that I am not being paid to promote Joe Tea in any way. All of this is written from my heart, motivated by the desire to express my sincerest appreciation towards this awesome company. If you find yourself ordering some of their teas, lemonades, […]

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I Got a Tattoo

I finally took the plunge and stained my bare skin with a design that will forever be displayed under my wrist. In other words, I got a tattoo! After mulling over the idea of my tattoo for a little over a year, having a temporary design made from henna to test the waters, discussing it […]

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Dancing in the Rain  

For me, a simple plane ride can emit the same feeling of serenity that practitioners of yoga strive for. I have a time of peace to think and reflect. Back in April, I was glued to the window as per usual, and I was enamored with the stormy, gray clouds that we were slicing through. […]

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The Collision

In February, I had two adjoining weeks of euphoric joy. For 14 days straight, I woke up glowing with jubilance. It didn’t matter what I had going on that day. Whether it was work or school or I had no commitments at all, I was joyful. I truly feel like God has enlightened my soul […]

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Conquering Worry

I have a freckle for every time that I worry about something. For most people, their freckles are unearthed by the light of the summer sun, but for me, each one pops up after I’ve spent significant amounts of time and energy focusing on situations that I have absolutely zero control over. Worrying is like […]

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Life from the Cockpit

(Org. published on by Olivia Carmen on January 10, 2017–prior to its closing) For Scott Heckert, there’s nothing more exhilarating than the sight of a checkered flag as he leads the pack down the final stretch. As a professional racecar driver and rising senior in college, Heckert, 23, is a driven individual in a […]

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