Why I Love Joe Tea

****Before I delve into this piece, I want to fully disclose that I am not being paid to promote Joe Tea in any way. All of this is written from my heart, motivated by the desire to express my sincerest appreciation towards this awesome company. If you find yourself ordering some of their teas, lemonades, and/or chips after reading this, that is wonderful, but I am in no way being compensated for any this, and I am not striving for compensation.****


I am in love with Joe Tea

No, Joe Tea is not some dude with a killer last name. Joe Tea is a tall 20-ounce glass of delicious goodness that satiates your physical and spiritual thirst.

Last week, I sent an online message to the incredible people of Joe Tea, thanking them for their heavenly teas and expressing my prayers towards exportation expansion to the stores in the South Eastern U.S.–where I live.

The greatest triumph would be to see them achieve global success, but I wanted them to know that the South would become addicted to their products. Yes, I shamelessly spoke for the entirety of the South, but that is just how passionate I am on this. I don’t have a commanding presence or large following, but I believe in vocalizing your appreciation for anything and anyone you value.

Here is the message that I sent to Joe Tea on July 10, 2017:

Dear Joe Tea, 

I want to begin this by saying thank you for creating the most delicious, satisfying drink of all time. Your tea tastes of the tears of angels. Every time I twist off the top and hear that glorious *pop* that eliminates the barrier between my taste buds and the nectar of the gods, the whole world stops for a moment and I find myself in a state of peace that I’ve never known before with a drink. 

The only flavors that I’ve had the privilege of enjoying so far are Peach and Raspberry, and I love each one so much that I cannot possibly choose a favorite-the love triangle of the century. From the moment it passes my lips to the moment the taste fades away, it’s entirely smooth, never leaving an aftertaste of bitterness that so many other brands of tea do. Every sip restores me.

I live in Charlotte, NC, and the first time I ever tried your tea was when I was visiting my long distance boyfriend in Ridgefield, CT, in the summer of 2016. We went to a local deli called “Genoa” and I saw your glorious product sitting in pride of place amongst the inferior thirst-quenchers. 

Little did I know that the thirst within the depths of my soul was what would be quenched when I took that first delicious sip. 

Ever since that moment, being able to buy your tea in person has been yet another reason why I love visiting the North. 

One highlight of my last semester in spring of 2017 was when my boyfriend surprised me by ordering 24 bottles of the Peach and Raspberry teas and having them shipped to my home. My heart leaped when I sliced open the cardboard and unearthed the tea from the packing peanuts. 

I am writing to you to thank you and to express my utmost desire to have your tea in stores down in the South. I speak on behalf of the entirety of the Southern US when I say that we are all in desperate need for your ethereal teas to be at arm’s length away from us on the shelves of our grocery stores. 

Thank you for changing my life forever, making it feel and taste that much sweeter. Whenever I am fatigued or down-trodden and I have access to your tea, it soothes my soul and gives me the energy to get back on the saddle. I hope and pray that you continue to expand and grow in your absolutely incredible business.

With eternal gratefulness, 

Olivia Carmen Green 

P.S. My words are entirely genuine; I have written this from my heart.

Now, you might be thinking, wow, that was the most intimate message I’ve ever read, and it was about a beverage…But listen to me when I tell you this:

If you haven’t had the pleasure of tasting any one of Joe Tea‘s celestial products, YOU HAVE NEVER TRULY TASTED GLORY

A couple hours later, I received this email from the team at Joe Tea. I have never before been so amazed by the ethics of a business.

Here is the message that Joe Tea sent back a few hours later:


Thank you for taking the time to send us such a nice email!!!!!!!!!!
We feel very lucky to have a consumer as passionate as you!
We would like to send you a sample kit of some other flavors – for you to try – free of charge!
Just forward your address and we will get them off today.
Thanks again!

I am honored that they took the time to respond to me when I simply wanted to express gratitude for the sake of doing so. I never expected to be gifted for my thanks. Joe Tea reinforces how wonderful its business is by producing heavenly products and practicing incredible ethics, appreciating their customers as much as their customers appreciate their products.

I shared my passion for their drinks, and they responded by fueling it even more, satiating my thirst for their delicious, glass-bottled angel tears!

Merely 2 days later, FedEx delivered this treasure box to my door:


So far, I have only had the pleasure of trying the Raspberry Lemonade flavor: a deliciously unique creation. I have to pace myself and savor each bottle, so I don’t drink more than one a week. Otherwise, I’d drink them all in one sitting. No, I do not have an addiction to Joe Tea…it’s a perfectly normal reaction to such ethereal nectar.
Thank you, Joe Tea, for being such an upstanding business. Thank you for showing your appreciation for your customers. And most of all, thank you for creating the most delicious drinks and chips that have been consumed since the dawn of time.

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